About Our Team

Our team started investing in real estate with the purchase of a multifamily property in 2007. We now have properties in multiple states and we are continually searching for new properties to add to our portfolio.  (If you know of any multifamily properties for sale, please let us know!)

Kirby Vandivort – Kirby is trained as a computer scientist and nuclear engineer, and brings this logical and technical background to the team. He is a member of Champaign West Rotary.

Mariya Vandivort – Mariya has extensive knowledge of residential real estate (she is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Illinois) and uses her economics background to make sure that the team stays on track.

We regularly interact with other owners that have thousands of units and we have other crucial team members that make the whole company work as smoothly as possible in the various field required to acquire and manage properties, such as attorneys (both real estate and SEC), CPAs, inspectors, property managers, and others.