REIT versus Actual Ownership


Have you heard of “REIT”s?  They are somewhat popular these days.  The real estate investing that this website talks about is not a REIT. A REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust. A REIT is a public security traded on major exchanges. Some REITs invest in mortgages on real estate, and some REITs invest in the […]

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The Work Involved In Real Estate Investing


You might be wondering how much work is required to invest in real estate.  Are you going to have to get your hands dirty?  The technical answer to this question is that it all depends on the agreement that is set up between everyone involved in the investment.  But, let’s get more specific than that. […]

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Minimum Amount Required To Invest


One question that we get a lot is, “How much money do I need to be able to invest?”. There’s no single answer to this question.  On a grand scale, it depends on what you are investing in.  If you want to “invest” in a bank account (and get that stellar 0.01% return that they […]

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We Want Responsible Investing


Most people realize that they need to have investments to create future security for themselves.  (The rest will realize it eventually).  Some people know that investments can be used to create income now, as well as later.  We agree completely with both strategies.  We want everyone to invest responsibly, though.  This breaks down into a […]

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Your Money Isn’t Guaranteed, But….


You might be wondering, “Is my money guaranteed if I invest in real estate the way that you are describing?”.  The simple, honest, and correct answer is: “No”.  Investments, in general, are not guaranteed and there is always the chance that you might lose some or all of your money.  However, there are quite a […]

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Get More Information On Passive Real Estate Investing


Are you wondering about how the process exactly works?  We have prepared a slide show presentation that we would love to send to you that explains the process from beginning to end.  This slideshow goes through everything, from what happens at the beginning, choices you have to make, and typical scenarios that determine how your […]

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Expected returns from real estate investing


One of the very common questions that we get asked is:  What’s my return going to be from investing in real estate?  As you’ve probably seen before when you ask this question, every situation is different, and we certainly can’t give any specific numbers that you should anticipate. The return depends on the purchase price […]

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