Real Estate Investing Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

We are often asked, “How quickly can I make money in real estate investing?”  This isn’t a get rich quick scheme.   Any returns that you should expect will be over, likely, a five to seven year period. Some investments might be a bit quicker, and some might be considerably longer. It will depend on the specific situation.  Investing in the type of real estate we invest in isn’t like a mutual fund.  You can’t buy shares one day, sell the next, and buy back in the next.  Once the money is invested, it is typically there until the property is sold.

This isn’t to say that you don’t see any returns before the property is sold when investing in real estate.  If everything works out as expected, the property would hopefully make some money each month due to more “coming in” than “going out”.  All details about how that money might get disbursed depend on the specific situation.